Logo Designer – A job I love

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Designer – A new job for me

Today, I want to talk to you guys about my part-time job, as a designer.
I have always been learning photoshop and making funny picture since I was ten years old.

It has been my hobby for a decade and suddenly on February, a friend of mine talked about his new planning on starting a shoe store. We talked about lots of stuff because we all love shoes and games. At the end of that night, I and He made a agreement that I would make him a brand logo and he would pay me 15$ for it. It was not much since I spent 1-2 hours designing his logo with his concept. My friend wanted to open a Sneaker Store in Vietnam called Bounty Sneakers, where he sells Adidas shoes to Vietnamese people ( in Vietnam it means: bán giày adidas chính hãng).

The process of making Bounty Sneakers logo

The guy takes a human race as his main logo so I choose the yellow and black one. Then I prolonged the shoelaces to his brand name: bounty sneakers.

  • At first, the text was just all yellow

giày nam đẹp

  • Then we talked about the colors and he decided to make it half yellow and black as the shoe colorway

Bounty Sneakers

  • It doesn’t sound right, so I gave him a last try before we went to the agreement, he asked me to change the S to $ as it shows elegance. The last version looks like this picture

Bounty Sneakers

A good memory and a mercenary part-time is what I want to share on this blog. Just do what you like, you will find it more fun in the future.

Tips to improve FPS skills

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Things you should do to git gud in FPS games


First things first: the two main parts of hardware when it comes to planning will be the mouse and mousepad, and also your ability is as great as your equipment can manage. Mouse detector technology has progressed to the stage without costing too much which you’re able to find an bark. Points to think about include DPI capacities, weight, and button design. The players we have talked to, as well as normally recommend mice that are lighter. For shooters, you likely need a couple of thumb buttons for capabilities that are the heart, and there is a mouse a lot easier to whip the mouse pad round.

Since you will not have the ability to property headshots if your mouse is much slower than your reflexes you need the lowest reaction time. And there’s a gap between the responsiveness of mice that are different, as we have composed about previously.

The next thing you need is a great mouse pad. Since you do not wish to need to pick up your mouse recommends obtaining the mouse pad that may fit on your desk. This is an issue for players that use DPI settings, which need the cursor to move.


Mouse sensitivity is the most important setting in regards to FPS aiming. But there. It is all about finding the configurations that feel ordinary while giving you complete control.

As we debunked within our listing of gambling mouse myths, greater DPI in your mouse isn’t necessarily better. Some mice will perform worse in their DPI settings, and also a DPI from the configurations will translate moment physical movements into hard-to-control cursor moves. It can be confusing determining exactly what DPI setting to use on your mouse driver applications and what sensitivity setting to use within a match.

Game sense

There are two kinds of aiming: tracking and flick shots. Tracking refers to trying to maintain your crosshair at the enemy any times–helpful for DPS characters using automatic weapons, such as Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 and Tracer

Flickshots involve flicking your crosshairs in your target returning to a place–employed for weapons, like snipers or even Overwatch’s McCree.

No matter which kind of character you are using, I advocates maintaining your crosshairs at you expect to experience an enemy pointed. You are more likely to miss your target or be slow to strike them, should you begin every struggle with to respond.


It is the time when you’ve discovered a sensitivity which seems natural to you. Flickshots, in particular, rely on muscle memory, but it comes into play in most pieces of FPS play, while it’s moving around the map, either turning to strike on an enemy behind you or flicking to take a flanker out.

Final thoughts

Naturally playing with more FPS games can allow you to improve. Resources include subreddits like r/LearnCSGO and r/OverwatchUniversity. Follow the tips go on the search for some information suited to your shot before you are going to be headshotting your way.



Everything you should know before playing Overwatch

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About Overwatch

Overwatch is an internet, aggressive multiplayer shooter created by Blizzard Entertainment, the very same person who’ve made Starcraft, World of Warcraft, also Hearthstone, amongst others. They are famous for constructing shiny playable online games, and this one is the same. A team-based shooter starring a roster of 23 playable characters, with more being added every month, Overwatch emphasizes staff coordination, personality command, and situational awareness over shooter ability, making it a fantastic entry point for gamers who’d never step foot into something such as Counter-Strike.

Game modes:

  • Escort: One group escorts that a payload–basically a fancy portable cart–from 1 portion of the map into another, while another group attempts to prevent them. The goes whenever unless the trail is being blocked by the enemy, the group is within the selection of this. You will be healed slowly whenever around the payload. This match kind is on a timer, but compelling on the payload purchases the escorting team time. Defending team must protect a square that is predetermined while the team attempts to shoot it. Assault maps have two things which the attackers must attempt to take control of until the timer runs out.
  • Control: You would call this style King of the Hill. It is like Assault, but there is just 1 control. The first team to restrain the stage to get a fixed quantity of time wins the round; finest of three requires it (top of five in aggressive, which we will get into in another). When the stage is taken by the team — should they take it — it becomes a payload and the remainder of the game remains like in Escort mode.
  • Assault: This is a fairly straightforward mode of land control. Defending team must protect a square that is predetermined while the group attempts to accept it. Assault maps have two things which the attackers should attempt to take charge of until the timer runs out.
  • Hybrid: Like the title suggests, this kind is half Assault, half Escort. When the stage is taken by the team — should they take it — it becomes a payload and the remainder of the game remains like in Escort.


Overwatch is the enormous roster of brilliant characters to pick from. Unlike in many first person shooters games, where every playable avatar includes a similar pair of skills, every hero in Overwatch has their own set of abilities and weapons to master. Tracer is a British dandy who can travel through the years. D.Va is an eSports star using a killer mecha. Mastering personalities and having the ability to switch between them on the fly is necessary to enjoying Overwatch. It is very important to understand who the personalities are, what they are capable of, plus a few strategies to counter them.

Additionally, Blizzard divides the heroes to 4 different kinds. Characters in each role can play with from dirty and the down of a game from one another. As you start to learn nonetheless, it is a fantastic principal.

Offense: Pharah, Reaper, McCree, Tracer, Genji, Soldier 76, Sombra and the latest hero Doomfist.

Defense: Torbjorn, Mei, Bastion, Widowmaker, Hanzo and Junkrat.

Tanks: Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zarya, Winston and D.VA.

Support: Ana, Lúcio, Mercy, Symmetra, and Zenyatta.

To be continued

We will talk more about the gameplay and each role in the next post!

3 tips for climbing ranks in Overwatch Season 5

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Here are some useful tips for you to get to Diamond

Many changes arrive with every Season of Overwatch. The meta changes while some fall off the radar and a few personalities rise to the top. That’s the problem that could occur with randoms out of matchmaking, and it may signify a frustrating experience for those people who need to climb in position.

Now that Season 5 of Competitive Play is under way, it is time you have been dreaming of.

1. Adaptability

Learning how to take the strengths and weakness on board of your team is the key to gaining SR in Season 5. It is about adapting to your kind of play to make the most of a power, or even minimise the impact, and knowing how each of your teammates fulfills the function they’re playing with. Let’s take an example of Winston, he can jump into the backlines of the enemy team – that can be all and great. But there is an enemy Genji while he is zapping off elsewhere, ruining the group. So rather than telling Winston to combine his team in demolishing the DPS and healers from the enemy backline. Why? In matchmaking with randoms, no matter how your proposal is made you need to have a positive approach and consider how you can really make a difference. Adapt to your group, and you’re going to have an effect on the resistance.

Click here to learn more about overwatch competitive ranks system.

2. Don’t blame your teammates

It’s easy to pin the blame when everything goes horribly wrong, particularly if you’re playing with a lot of players.

Even though it helps let the heat off, it may result in some if you are not careful. People today waste time reacting in conversation as opposed to responding to the match, and this negativity may escalate.

As opposed to instantly questioning people’s functionality and embracing a negative attitude, question your play. Everything you might have done to protect against the team fight?

Analysing your drama can allow you to identify what you tighten up your skills, and ought to happen to be performing in some specific scenarios. You might’ve hunted her.

Concentrate on your own play before everybody else’s and you are certain to gain SR.

3. Play the heroes you’re good with

We will want to study the overwatch tier list before choosing on our hero we have a propensity to sit back into the reception, pick the strongest or most suitable heroes. You might believe that this really is for the team’s benefit, but if you are trying to hit on Season 5 challenging and also obtain some SR, be sure that you’re picking on heroes which you are likely to have an effect together with. Trust us, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing the thing that is proper for a team comp’s if you’re cautious of failing to match your job as frontline tank or the DPS. We have started doing this recently and even though we dropped some SR at first, we are beginning to climb quicker than previously. We feel confident in our capacity to take games as tank or a damage dealer, instead of sitting back and be satisfied in a recovery function. We are not saying that you should play with one function – be ready to change up this at this team’s interest – but attempt to play with.

4 tips for living in Thailand

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Tips you should know about living in Thailand

Money Exchange

This is the exact calculation of Thailand money BHT.

33.37 BHT = 1USD

100 BHT = 3USD



Thailand is quite a cheap place, although the north is much more affordable than Bangkok and the southern shores. To find a good place on the islands or to get a nicer room, you expected to pay 600 THB per night. Fundamental bungalows cost exactly the same. Hotels start around 1000 THB each night and go up from there. Resorts on the islands begin at 1,700 THB each night. Dorm rooms, that can be increasingly widespread across the nation, ranging from 100-150 THB each night. A hostel room that can be shared begins around 350 THB each night and leasing an apartment begins around 700 THB per night.


Food is cheap in Thailand. Street food prices jút about 20 THB, however on average you will spend approximately 35-50 THB a meal if you would like something more. If you want to try some street food, then you can eat for about 120-170 THB a day. Many western dishes (hamburgers, pizza, pasta, etc) price between 170-340 THB, even though they can be better in the fancier western institutions.


Like everything from Thailand, transport is not too expensive. Buses price as cheap as 8 THB per trip, both the Metro and Skytrain in Bangkok price 15-50 THB per metered and trip cab rides are about 50-100 THB each. Tuk-tuks are more expensive and un-metered, costing 150-250 THB each trip. Motorbike taxis (from orange vests) can be found all around the nation with brief excursions costing approximately 35 THB. Train service around the city is cheap — afternoon trains cost no more than 50 THB. Coach buses are an excellent way to go around. A bus trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai prices 550-700 THB along with a bus trip from Bangkok to Phuket prices 500-1,000 THB.


Daily tours price is 500-1,200 THB based on the action. Jungle trekking prices around 1,000-1,685 THB each day. If you go for a group, remember that you bring some food and drinks. Most parks and federal museums price between 50-100 THB to enter.

Tips for gamers – Newbies to pros guide

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6 tips from pros to get yourself better

Gaming has developed a lot since long time ago until now when competing was meant to get the high score than other players. If you don’t really want to be a pro gamer, these tips still help you become better in playing games eventually.

1. Pick your game

Build your reputation as also a team player and a single participant as soon as you find the game you desired. You may practice and compete around against players with different skills. It’s all random to find other players. Be focus and stay with the game that you choose to play. In this article, you will learn more about the rising fps game: Overwatch.

2. Stay motivated

Cash and winning are motivators for gamers that are the pro; so if you are not planning to go pro in the game, you still can enjoy and find what you are interested in the game. You absolutely can keep winning the game as long as you are having fun with it. In another way, some pro players in Overwatch has joined in groups and open the service of overwatch rank boosting to not only help them earn some pocket money but also keep them continue their drive of winning.

3. Practice, Study the game

Learn the best tactic from pros, watch a lot of gameplay and find out why are you defeat. When you lose, you are practicing, and practice makes you better. Moreover, you can search the internet for games guild and strategies and keep updated with the game meta. In our example of overwatch, Read the overwatch hero stats and composition first here, then study the overwatch ranking system and keep playing and training in the competitive environment until you rank up.

4. Join the community

As much as gaming is about individual skills, it is also important for being a team player and becoming a part of a gaming community. Before beginning, you should get to understand the specific principles of being a part of a gaming community.

5. Gear up

You will need equipment which lets you show your skills properly. It would be really great to have a good PC, but the important thing is how to pick the right one that suits you.

You can find a gaming laptop that is light and thin to stay with you everywhere to make sure that practice does not slow down when you’re traveling or go out for work.

6. Find friends or a squad

Find some friends and form a squad when you have built a reputation as a serious gamer. Or friends will find you if you are really good at the game.

Check out our guides: 3 Tips for overwatch gamers.

Hope you can find these tips are helpful and enjoy your game. Peace out!


It is possible to discover pursuits and hobbies. In this article if you want to read about the kinds of pastimes ,read on. It is a fantastic idea to devote some time from the fasted pace of ordinary day.

Time Management

Do not allow a pastime to take over your life. It is wonderful to acquire some hobbies and interests. However, you have to balance out the responsibilities you might have as well as your pastimes. If pursuits are hindering different pieces of the life you live, then it’s a waste of energy and time while decreasing your engagement on any activities.

Hobby from a simple act

  • Blogging is a great interest. From the past till now, blogging is still amazing and a well-known way to express yourself. It’ll require some experimentation and an ability, once you start your blog, but it is all worthwhile to invest the time. You may generate a skill set to build a website, build a community or simply academic writing.
  • Gaming
  • Traveling

Mercenary or just for fun pastime

Should you want to make money but don’t know where to start, try thinking. What would you realize that nobody else could? Look for the niche market that is an unfilled place that people have forgotten but actually likes and dislikes you. That location for the starter is fantastic.

Finding pastime based on who you are or what you do everyday

Sculptures that are creating might be de-worrying, reassuring and fun action. Nothing surpasses the feeling of clay-based involving your palms and something amazing or ordinary based on the assortment of your skills. Do not try to shape all on your own! You will find course classes better, in addition to available.

Researching might be the interest for you if you like water. Surfing lessons are, and panels that are used are for ways to begin great. Additionally, you may realize that the muscles strength inside your legs raises.

Escape the house and visit your bike. Riders that are excited will look out for time paths they can drive. It’s likely to push all bikes. This is another hobby which will enhance your life due to the changes together with the fun you can encounter.

For men and women who go traveling a lot, getting mementos could be an interest. You can acquire ribbons or postcards, pottery that is nearby or containers of vino. What your collection is composed of, it supplies something to you to remind one of the places you have the display at your home and been being a keepsake.

Interests and hobbies could be abilities which offer  not only you benefit but also your friends and community contribution. Use those tips effectively to help you discover the true pastime. Should you get a hobby to make find their interests? In another article, I will write about each fascinating activity that you want to try out.