Logo Designer – A job I love

Designer – A new job for me

Today, I want to talk to you guys about my part-time job, as a designer.
I have always been learning photoshop and making funny picture since I was ten years old.

It has been my hobby for a decade and suddenly on February, a friend of mine talked about his new planning on starting a shoe store. We talked about lots of stuff because we all love shoes and games. At the end of that night, I and He made a agreement that I would make him a brand logo and he would pay me 15$ for it. It was not much since I spent 1-2 hours designing his logo with his concept. My friend wanted to open a Sneaker Store in Vietnam called Bounty Sneakers, where he sells Adidas shoes to Vietnamese people ( in Vietnam it means: bán giày adidas chính hãng).

The process of making Bounty Sneakers logo

The guy takes a human race as his main logo so I choose the yellow and black one. Then I prolonged the shoelaces to his brand name: bounty sneakers.

  • At first, the text was just all yellow

giày nam đẹp

  • Then we talked about the colors and he decided to make it half yellow and black as the shoe colorway

Bounty Sneakers

  • It doesn’t sound right, so I gave him a last try before we went to the agreement, he asked me to change the S to $ as it shows elegance. The last version looks like this picture

Bounty Sneakers

A good memory and a mercenary part-time is what I want to share on this blog. Just do what you like, you will find it more fun in the future.

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